Frequently asked questions

BitcoinBorsa.Bg is a platform that allows users to trade with cryptocurrencies and fiat money directly among themselves – P2P. The platform operates in 195 countries worldwide up to 31 fiat currencies.

The registration process in the platform is fast and easy, from here . The only verification required is a confirmation of actuality and ownership of the indicated email address, as well as an active Paysera account, for which you can learn more in question 5.

To sign up successfully, you need to receive and confirm an email sent to you by the platform. Please check your “spam inbox” or “promotions” section if it is not in the main inbox. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the site.

Once you’ve created your account on the platform and entered your PaySera EVP (more in question 5), you can make the initial steps to create your first successful deal. If you have a cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and you want to sell to another user, you need to send (load) it into your account’s wallet. In order to do this, follow the instructions in Profile > Balance in order to get an unique address and send the funds you want to trade with. Once the coins have successfully arrived in your wallet, you can either create a new Selling offer or look at the current active ones in the current offers table. If the counter-offer price matches (for example, you sell 10 Bitcoins at X price, and another user buys the same X price at a random quantity), then the deal will be automatically completed.

In this way, we provide a fast and timely way of trading that does not harm either side. In case you want to buy Bitcoins, you either need to create a new Buying offer, or directly select one of the existing deals from the current offers table. 

First of all, it is important to note that in order to be an active platform trader, you need to have a fully verified account (FVA) in the PaySera system (Tip: when you do restration, just say that you found PaySera in Internet). FVA will help you operate with larger amounts.
The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) BitcoinBorsa.Bg software is synced with it, and all payments in leva go through it. If anyeone interested in your Selling offer, the counter party will receive an instruction notice with your PaySera data where the payment should be made. BitcoinBorsa.Bg’s P2P system uses the PaySera EVP identification numbers on both sides as well as the unique deal identification number to ensure the correct transfer of funds from one account to the other.
The same applies if you want to buy a certain quantity of Bitcoins – you receive a notification with the data on the counter party to whom you have to make the payment through the PaySera system.

If anyone is interested in your Buying offer, the coins on the counter party are automatically frozen, as they have already been transferred to the exchange after the deal is declared. When you pass through the payment verification procedure successfully and the counter party confirms that the cash balance is received on his account, then the frozen Bitcoins are automatically transferred to your account (wallet).

Once you add your offer, it will automatically appear in the table of recent offers that you can find on the Home Page and on the Current Deals page. You can also find it in the Profile > My Deals. From there, you have the option to delete the offer in case you changed your mind.

In case anyone is interested in your offer posted at, you will receive an email notification. You will have 5 minutes to confirm that you are ready to make the purchase. After you do so, the deal finalization procedure starts. If you were making a Buying offer, after the confirmation email you will receive a second one in which you will find detailed information about the vendor’s PaySera EVP number, identification number of the deal and the exact amount you must send to the seller.
If you were making a Selling offer, you will receive a second email confirming that the announced amount has been sent by the Buyer to your PaySera account. The system will then send you a request to check your funds on the PaySera account and verify if you have received the contracted amount. Upon receipt, you need to verify this on the Profile > My Deals, so that the system releases the cryptoassets to the Buyer.

The system automatically perceives this and after the time expires (you will receive a notification about the time slot), it blocks the funds of this transaction until the situation is clarified. If you find yourself in such a situation, you will get instructions on what to expect and how to proceed.

Input form

To declare a deal you should use the Form, located on the Home page, as well as on the Current Deals page.

Through the Deal Form, you can buy or sell at least 0.01 Bitcoin (one hundredth).

Firstly, choose the right operation – I want to buy instead of I want to sell. Then enter
the selected quantity and then the price. You will be automatically shown the amount
you have to pay for the given quantity.

ATTENTION: Make sure the amount is available in your PaySera account so that rating system can properly assess you. Otherwise, future users will
avoid trading with you. (Please, read the rating information below).

The operation I want to sell is selected by default. The bottom line shows the total amount you have in your wallet on and is reduced by 1% (the commission that will be deducted for the amount sold ONLY). Enter manually the quantity if you want to sell less. Then choose between Percent Price or Fixed Price.

The Percent price means that the quantity you have declared for sale will be posted at
a price that will automatically be changed by the system (i.e. automatically the World
price will be tracked). 

Example: When you enter 100 (i.e. you leave the default value) it means you will
sell at the World price. In other words, every world price change will also correct
yours. Thus, the offer will always be up to date and preferable to other users;

Example 2: When you enter 100.5 (that is 100% + 0.5%), your sales price is 0.5%
(half percent) OVER the World price. If you want it to be 1% more, you input 101, etc;

Example 3: When you enter 99.8 (i.e. 100%-0.2%), your sales price is 0.2% below the
World price. If you want it to be 1.5% cheaper, input 98.5 and so on.

In periods of growth and increasing demand, this feature can be used in order
to get the most out of the sale at a given time.

If you want to sell quickly in a period of market drop, the idea of this feature is for
Buyers to find your deal more attractive, so that you can sell your quantity in time
before a more serious downturn.

The commission is paid when the deal is
made ONLY. It is deducted automatically by
the system and is 1% of Bitcoins sold.

Select Account > Deals, then find the deal
and cancel it fast and easy.

1. Make sure ONLY you know your login
details at;
2. We are constantly working to improve the
security and protection of each user’s
3. For each declared deal, you will receive
an email notification of the Exchange
actions made by your account.

Deals table

It is located at the top right of the Home
Page. This is the main location, although
we have relieved you by placing it under
Current Deals as well.

All user offers that have been declared so
far waiting for a Buyer or Seller. The offers
are sorted in chronological order. The most
recent ones are at the top.

The offers can be sorted by pressing
column headers. This will allow you to
navigate according to Quantity, Price, Kind,
and maybe date. The date will point you to
the current consumer price trend.

In case you find a deal that is suitable for
you, you can make two clicks to reserve it
and finalize it (buy / sell) in your favour.

The quantity shows the MAXIMUM one that
will be traded in this deal. As you can see
above, the minimum purchase / sale you
can do from a deal is 0.01Btc (no matter if it
can show a bigger quantity). functionalities

The idea created by is that
you as an user can trade yourself with the
digital money /assets/ at prices that you
decide yourself when and as much as you
want, without someone imposing restrictive
conditions. Let's not forget that this is also
the basic concept for creation of Bitcoin.

Bitcoins purchase and sale between users
from Bulgaria and soon from the world.

It doesn't matter what quantity you declare,
since anyone who wants can buy from you,
even just 0.01 Bitcoin, in case the price is
suitable for you. The system is made to
break down a deal into many parts to make
everyone happy.

In the Entry Form, make a counter deal at
the top left of the homepage. I.e. if you want
to buy from the following deal (someone
has declared, for example 0.65 Btc х
15210lv / Btc = 9886.50lv, firstly select I
want to buy, enter the quantity you want
(for example 0.21Btc) and most important,
enter the price of the offer, in this case
15210 lv, then click on the I want to buy
button. The system automatically pulls out
the deal from the table and after a few
minutes, the Seller agrees and you pay him
the amount, the Bitcoins will be in your
wallet on the site. Then the difference of
0.65-0.21 = 0.54 Btc returns to the table
and is visible for new Buyers.

Example: For sale 0.07Btc х 12021lv / Btc =
If you would like to buy for example 0.49Btc
x 12021lv / Btc, then you can create this
deal from the Deals Form. Once it is
activated, it will immediately send a
notification to the Seller for approval and
after your payment and confirmation by the
Seller for the amount are received, 0.07 Btk
will be yours (in your wallet on the site).
Then the difference of 0.49-0.07 = 0.42Btk
will appear in the table as a Buying offer.
Then Sellers will be able to sell you the rest
of the quantity if the price is good for them.

If you want to sell a quantity, you should
first announce it. Then, depending on the
timing for which you want to sell, you can
do a few things:
> declare a price you want and wait until a
Buyer is found;
> If you want this to happen faster, then
declare a price that is a bit more attractive
to Buyers;
In both versions, you can share a link on
the social networks, and more specifically in
the Cryptocurruncies groups, that you have
such an offer to attract Buyers. The idea to
use the system is that you
have a 100% guarantee for the trouble-free
flow of exchange without any risk of losing
funds !!!

User profile

In the Account section, you’ll find
information about your deals, availability,
rating, and settings.
It is divided into sectors so that you can
quickly and easily find what you are
interested in.

From Deals, you can manage your active
ones. At the moment you are interested in
one of them, you can use the soft buttons to
realize it .
Also here is kept the chronology of your

You instantly see what coins you have. You
can add and withdraw unlimitedly, thanks to
the easy and intuitive Form.

Yes, it does. This is also the main task of
the team at We strive to
constantly improve the level of security for
your and our comfort.

User rating

Everyone who is registered in gets a rating of 50! This is
an average value that will change in the
future depending on your successful and
unsuccessful actions (only the ones that
depend on yourself).

Rating system helps the reliable sellers /
buyers stand out; who can turn their hobby
into a main occupation, thanks to and Crypto World.
It also helps for a better and more relaxed
attitude among users in order to develop
and enjoy the Cryptocurrency idea together.

Go to Profile> Rating you will see your
current rating according to your actions in so far.

Each user receives bonus points for each
deal he has participated in and has
successfully completed. The more deals
you make, the more bonuses you receive
and the more users will want to trade with
you. To gain a higher rating at the
beginning, you need people to trade with
you, so pick attractive prices in order to be
selected from them.

No, there isn't. This way everyone can
show how reliable and responsible is to

This happens when our actions create
anxiety for the other side. Stress is
inevitable, but there are times when it can
be prevented. The rating system follows
this and strictly but fairly intervenes when it
is needed.

All you need when you have an active deal
is to keep track of the interest in it. You will
receive a message on your email and then
you should follow the closing times. In that
case, you can be sure your rating will only

When you specify the "View" column of the
transaction in the "Main Transaction Table"
with the mouse, you will see the rating of
the particular merchant. Everybody starts
with 50.
> If his rating is between 35-50, this means
there have been some misunderstandings
in this user's previous transactions and you
should be prepared for that. Simply the deal
will be made with the intervention of the
administrators, without anyone being
> If his rating is over 50, it means that by
now everything has been fine and you can
trade with this user.